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Cirriculum Vitae (Resume):
CV for John H. Letcher
Important Paper Reprints
jhl Finite State Machines:
Latched Fedback Memory Finite State Engines
The Letcher Integral Transform:
Letcher Wavelets:
The Cyrix Corporation Wavelet and Fourier Transform User's Manual

My Universe - A New Way to Look at the Universe
A New Model of Particle Physics (html)
A New Model of Particle Physics (pdf)

Computer Systems Software:
The Synergistic Consultants Incorporated Operating System, SCIOS
Documentation for the basic routines within flibsci.lib, FLIBSCI
Entry points for flibsci.lib
MERCURY, the SCI information retreival and analysis system
The Rotational Discrimination Non-Linear Optimizer, HULDRA
Compiler Filters and the Use of Multiple Computer Languages
Guidelines for submission of .txt files for webpage maintanence
Source listing of sample.txt
The Use of Ethernet in a Novel Way in Multi-Processing Systems
The Cassandra Server - Linux Based Intranet (and Internet) Server
The Creation of cgi Forms
The jhl Fast Fourier Transform Software
The Installation of Java on Windows Computers
The jhl Apps package
The Puppy Linux Operating Sytem

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The John H. Letcher family in pictures
Location of home
Experiments in oil painting
Aviation: our airplane, Mooney N252JC

Tulsa String Quintet
Music played by the Tulsa String Quintet
The Tulsa String Quintet in Grove Oklahoma
Viola: Visit of the Haydn Trio Vienna - Practice Session
Graduate school research project
Article about physics students in the 1950s

Important current weather and forecasts
A program to check browser action
A program to check network speeds

Wedding of Kevin Gehringer BA, PhD (former student)
Wedding of Michael Stevens BS, MS (former student)
Graduation of Andrew Homb BS, MS, M.D. (former student)