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Formal Education
Patents Obtained
Professional Awards
Post Doctoral Education
Memberships and Honors


1971-1975 Washington University School of Dental Medicine St. Louis, Missouri - Doctorate Degree (D.M.D.) in Medical Dentistry 1975

1967-1971 Washington University St. Louis, Missouri - Bachelor's Degree (B.S.) in Mathematics 1971

1963-1967 St. Mark's School of Texas Dallas, Texas - High School Diploma 1967

1960-1963 Central Junior High School Miami, Oklahoma

1959-1960 Rockdale Elementary School Miami, Oklahoma

1955-1959 Roosevelt Elementary School Miami, Oklahoma


March 1999 Method of Manufacturing a Dental Crown Patent #: 5,876,209

June 1999 Method of Installing a Replacement for a Patient's Tooth Patent#: 9,207,885

October 2006 Implant Prosthodontics and Methods of Preparing and Seating Same Patent (pending) #: 60/863,232

Professional Awards

December 1975 Citation for Academic Achievement and Clinical Excellence - Washington University Dental School

January 1991 Certificate of Merit for Clinical Presentation - Tulsa County Dental Society

May 1999 Honor Citation for Pro Bono Dental Care - Neighbor for Neighbor, Tulsa, OK


American Dental Association
Oklahoma Dental Association
Tulsa County Dental Association
Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry
European Association of Osseointegration
Member of "One Triple Plus" at the L.D. Pankey Institute
American Dental Society of Anesthesia
Midwestern Institute for Advanced Dental Studies
Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation

Continuing Education

November 1975 ADA Joint Commission for National Dental Board Exam
March 1985 WH Cooper Dental Seminar with Jim Gallman, DDS
April 1985 Advanced Problem Solving with Peter Dawson, DDS
June 1985 Concept of Complete Dentistry with Peter Dawson, DDS
July 1985 Office Design with Pacific Institute
January 1986 Restorative and Reconstructive Problem Solving
Management and Treatment of Restorative Patient
Potpourri of Restorative Tidbits - Dr. David Hildebrand
May 1986 Continuum Level I Advanced Dental Education - LD Pankey Institute
November 1986 Forensic Odontology, AIDS, and Hepatitis
January 1987 Continuum Level II Advanced Dental Education - LD Pankey Institute
February 1987 One-Bake Porcelain Technique - Asami Tanaka Dental Technical Institute
October 1987 Continuum Level III Advanced Dental Education - LD Pankey Institute
May 1988 Continuum Level IV Advanced Dental Education - LD Pankey Institute
October 1988 Advanced Surgical Periodontics - LD Pankey Institute
February 1989 Continuum Level V Advanced Dental Education - LD Pankey Institute
March 1989 Dawson-Fillastre Master’s Forum - LD Pankey Institute
June 1989 Anesthesiology Winter Review
November 1989 Advanced IMZ Dental Implant Seminar - University of Pennsylvania
March 1990 Joint Commission of National Board Dental Exam - American Dental Association
April 1990 Osteopathic Management of TMJ Patient OSU College of Osteopathy
October 1990 Multiple Implant Placements in the Edentulous Maxilla Single Stage Sinus Lift on Compromised Maxilla - Midwestern Institute for Advanced Dental Studies
March 1991 Implants - Academy of Osseointegration
April 1991 Guided Tissue Regeneration for Implants - American Foundation for Dental Studies
June 1991 Implant Studies - Interpore Internatio
December 1991 Surgical Management of Maxillas Sinus Lift and Augmentation - Midwestern Institute for Advanced Dental Studies
March 1992 Laser Therapy and Electrosurgery - Midwestern Institute for Advanced Dental Studies
December 1992 Advanced Implant Techniques - Midwestern Institute for Advanced Dental Studies
January 1993 Continuum Level VI Advanced Dental Studies - LD Pankey Institute
October 1993 Advanced Surgical Implant Seminar - Midwestern Institute for Advanced Dental Studies
September 1994 Case Presentations, Nutrition, Financial Management, - Patient Motivation - LD Pankey Institute
October 1994 TMJ Disorders - Peter Dawson DDS
March 1996 Dawson Master's Forum - LD Pankey Institute
October 1996 Advanced Implant Placement - Midwestern Institute for Advanced Dental Studies
May 1997 Forensic Dentistry - American College of Forensic Examiners
July 1998 Healthcare Provider CPR Instruction - American Heart Association
August 1998 Use and Application of Steri-Oss Implants - Real World Implant Prosthetics
September 1998 Implant Surgery Mini-residency - Dr. D.M. Vassos
November 1998 Implant Maintenance - Paragon Implant Company
April 1999 Advanced Cardiac Life Support - Hillcrest Hospital
October 200 0 Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery - Creighton University Dental School
November 2000 Natural Beauty and Esthetics - L.D. Pankey Institute
December 2000 Conscious Sedation Update - Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation
December 2000 Practice Management, Oral Medicine, Oral Diagnosis, Dental Photography, Dental Materials, Myofascial Pain Dysfunctional Occlusion. - L.D. Pankey Institute
January 2001 Surgical Implant Training - University of Pittsburg/Misch Institute
January 2001 Implant Diagnosis and Treatment Planning - University of Pittsburg/Misch Institute
March 2001 Root Form Implant Surgery - University of Pittsburg/Misch Institute
June 2001 Small Diameter Implants and Root Form Implant Prosthetics. - University of Pittsburg/Misch Institute
August 2001 Subperiosteal Implants and Removable Prosthetics - University of Pittsburg/Misch Institute
October 2003 Esthetics, Surgical Orthodontics, Reconstructive Phase Therapy. - American Academy of Implant Dentistry
April 2003 Annual Meeting American Academy of Implant Dentistry.
November 2003 Ceramic Restorations, Implants, Soft Tissue Surgery, Osseous Surgery, Laser Therapy, Electrosurgery. - American Academy of Implant Dentistry
December 2003 CPR for Healthcare Providers - American Heart Association
January 2004 Surgical Phase Therapy - American Academy of Implant Dentistry
January 2004 Reconstructive Phase Therapy - Dallas County Dental Society
November 2004 Multi-disciplinary Topics on Implants - American Academy of Implant Dentistry
November 2004 Myofascial Pain Dysfunction, Occlusion, Esthetics. - Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Surgery
May 2005 Oral Implantology III Symposium Rome, Italy
May 2006 Advanced Cardiac Life Support - American Heart Association
September 2006 “Teeth in an Hour” Institute of Facial Esthetics - Washington, Pennsylvania
September 2006 Nobel-Biocare Surgical Phase Therapy - Washington, Pennsylvania
December 2006 I-Cat CT Imaging Training - Imaging Sciences
May 2007 Occlusion and Composite Artistry, Art and Science of Direct Composites. - American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
June 2007 Polishing Composites - Cosmedent Corporation, Chicago
October 2007 Mini-Implant Clinical Course - Dr. Gordon Christensen
April 2008 Ultimate Bonding Experience - Cosmedent Corporation
May 2009 CPR for Healthcare Providers - American Heart Association
October 2009 Full Arch Rehab: Fixed vs. Removable Prosthetics Scientific Meeting - European Association of Osseointegration
January 2010 Advanced Cardiac Life Support - American Heart Association
February 2010 Full Mouth Rehab Using Composite Resin - Oklahoma Academy of General Dentistry