Status Line Information

A    B    C    D  E F  G          H*                  I*

Sample Status Line: +----------------------------------------------------------------------+ 37 7 7 9 B E P RECORD NUMBER = 10 FILE = filename.DA +----------------------------------------------------------------------+


A= Horizontal character position where cursor is located. B= Line number on screen where cursor is located. C= Same as B. D= Field number where cursor is located. E= B Indicates Buffer is ON. Use Ctrl-F2 to turn Buffer ON. F= E indicates Program Scientry is active. G= H = Hold while computer is busy. L = Lock on (Alt-F2). Causes printing to be double spaced. P = Print mode is active. R = Computer reading from screen. W = Computer writing to disk. H= Number of record displayed on the screen. I= Name of data file being accessed.

*Error Messages and Function Key Messages will appear in this space.

Errors and Error Recovery

Frozen Keyboard If there is no B in status line, press Ctrl-F2, once.

Blank Screen Press F3 to restore display.

Greek Letters Appear Press Ctrl-O (letter not zero).

Record Length Problems Screen specified does not fit data file specified.

In Case of Disaster While pressing Alt and Ctrl, press the Del key. Changes on the displayed screen will be lost. The file, ENTRY, will be IN USE.

FILE IN USE >>? RESET . For example: >>? RESET ENTRY

SCIOS ERROR 256 A hardware problem exists.