2013 Fiddle Fest Coaches

All ages and all levels will be accommodated with our outstanding coaches this year - cellos, mandolins, all acoustic instruments are welcome to register!

Jacie Sites

Jacie is the current Grand Master Fiddle Champion, a winner in Shar Music's composition contest, was the Ladies Home Journal's Difference Maker of the Year. won the National Twin Fiddling championship with Miriam Hill in 2011, and recently soloed with the Idaho Falls Symphony.  In the last 10 years, her students have won the National Small Fry, Junior-Junior, Junior and Young Adult divisions at Weiser, Idaho.  Jacie is also an excellent cellist, and will have some great hints for playing cello with fiddle groups!

Joe Sites

Joe is an 8 time National Fiddle Champion. He owns Sites Violin shop in Rigby, Idaho and has taught several past Grand National Champion fiddlers. And Joe is all you need for a rhythm section!  He is an outstanding guitarist, fiddler, and teacher.  We are fortunate to have Joe and Jacie Sites with us - a dynamic pair of superior coaches!

Cherie Gans

Cherie plays all styles, is an excellent teacher, and founded the popular performing group, "Fiddlesticks," in northern California. She is a member of the North State Symphony, an active performer and instructor.

Bette Hopper

Bette studied at Juilliard and is an outstanding teacher. Her father was a champion fiddler and the entire family played every evening for practice and entertainment. Bette has won many fiddle contest awards, and performs regularly along with her husband Joe, other friends and family members. Both Bette and Joe are members of the TVCC Symphony.

Jana Jae

Jana is a professional touring musician with a long history of successful performances on stage and television. She is a fiddle contest winner and judge. She is an expert in bluegrass, jazz, swing, and show styles of fiddling.