CHAPROLA Error Codes

During the compilation of a chaprola source program using CHAPTRAN and CHAPCOMP or the batch file, CHAPROLA, the following error codes may be issued along with the line number in the chaprola source program where the error occurs.

 0256  Hardware problem

1001 Length of character string is less than one 1002 Address error in reference to primary data record 1003 Address error in reference to secondary data record 1004 Address error in reference to user buffer area 1005 Address error in reference to system text memory area 1006 1008 Invalid Chaprola procedure file (in line 0 - uncompiled program) 1009 Illegal code in the Chaprola procedure file 1011 Reading secondary file whose record length is less than or equal to 0 (file not defined) 1012 Writing secondary file whose record length is less than or equal to 0 (file not defined) 1014 Invalid operation, for example, disk full. 1024 Too many CALL statements (the number exceeds nine) 1025 Too many RETURN statements

2001 IF statement with ; terminator missing 2004 IF statement with ; terminator missing 2005 IF statement with ; terminator missing 2013 IF statement with ; terminator missing

4760 Maximum record length of secondary file has been exceeded

DOS Error Codes

Version 2 file-function errors 01 Invalid function number 02 File not found 03 Path not found 04 Too many open files (no open handles left) 05 Access denied 06 Invalid handle 07 Memory control blocks destroyed 08 Insufficient memory 09 Invalid memory block address 10 Invalid environment 11 Invalid format 12 Invalid access code 13 Invalid data 14 Reserved 15 Invalid disk drive 16 Attempt to remove current directory 17 Not same device 18 No more files Mappings to critical error handler 19 Disk write-protected 20 Unknown disk unit 21 Drive not ready 22 Unknown command 23 Data error (CRC) 24 Bad request structure length 25 Seek error 26 Unknown media type 27 Sector not found 28 Printer out of paper 29 Write fault 30 Read fault 31 General failure

Version 3 additional error codes 32 Sharing violation 33 Lock violation 34 Invalid disk change 35 FCB unavailable 36 Sharing buffer overflow 37-49 Reserved 50 Network request not supported 51 Remote computer not listening 52 Duplicate name on network 53 Network name not found 54 Network busy 55 Network device no longer exists 56 Network BIOS command limit exceeded 57 Network adapter hardware error

Errors and Error Recovery

Frozen Keyboard If there is no B in status line, press Ctrl-F2, once.

Blank Screen Press F3 to restore display.

Greek Letters Appear Press Ctrl-O (letter not zero).

Record Length Problems Screen specified does not fit data file specified.

In Case of Disaster While pressing Alt and Ctrl, press the Del key. Changes on the displayed screen will be lost. The file, ENTRY, will be IN USE.

FILE IN USE >>? RESET . For example: >>? RESET ENTRY

SCIOS ERROR 256 A hardware problem exists.